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Projected Costs

Last updated January 27, 2021

The total cost to construct the system and purchase wastewater treatment capacity from Winkler would be about $25 million. Up to 73% of this cost could be covered by federal/provincial infrastructure funding, provided the RM’s grant application is approved. The RM’s portion of the cost would then be split among the properties in Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld.

The RM is exploring ideas to help property owners reduce and manage all costs – for example, through discounts for early hook-up, financing assistance and options to defer most costs.

DescriptionTotal Cost GrantsRM Portion
Wastewater capacity purchase

$11.0 million

$7.6 million

$3.4 million

Main conveyance systems

$7.4 million

$5.4 million

$2.0 million

Wastewater system extension to existing Reinfeld/Schanzenfeld communities

$5.9 million

$4.3 million

$1.6 million

$24.3 million
$17.3 million
$7.0 million