The Stanley Agricultural Society

The Stanley Agricultural Society (S.A.S) began in 1947 with a group of resourceful farmers.

The key person was the agricultural representative, Eugene Lang.  The provincial government granted the S.A.S. a charter in 1947.  John Elias, the first S.A.S. president, with fellow members of the Creamery Board, were the first S.A.S. directors. The first fair was in September of 1947 and was a busy one day affair.  There were eight clubs and 80 calves exhibited that year. Besides cattle there were also many entries for hogs, chickens, rabbits, geese, ducks and even doves.

By the third year, the S.A.S. directors had built a Quonset and converted an old boxcar into washrooms.  The S.A.S. bought 10 acres from J.M. Froese to establish their fair grounds.

In 1986, the S.A.S. fair merges with Old Time Value Days to form the Winkler Harvest Festival and Exhibition Inc. The Festival and Exhibition provide wholesome family entertainment, and also a format to educate the public about the agricultural industry.

A variety of categories provide exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to display their products.
These categories include: Educational, Collections, Canning, Baking, Sewing, Knitting/Crocheting, Hobbies, 4-H Projects, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Grains/Forages, Fruits & Vegetables.  For detailed information, check out the annual "Fair Prize Book."  A horse show including classes like Halter, English, Western, and Gymkhana is anther main attraction at the "Festival."  Recently the 4-H Beef Clubs have begun holding an annual Cattle Show on July 1st.

Additional information regarding memberships, exhibition entries, or other Society activities may be obtained by contacting one of the directors or writing:

Stanley Agricultural Society
Box 2018
Winkler, MB  R6W 4B8

(information taken from the S.A.S. website)

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