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Reinland was founded in 1875 by pioneer immigrants who were moving across the plains towards the Pembina Hills.

The Low-German speaking people prepared to retire for the night, and made clusters of campfires along a winding creek not quite 3 miles north of the American border. They called their village Reinland, which traced back to their origins of Reinland, West Prussia.

Descendants of some of the original settlers have lived in Reinland continuously for over a century. 

Click here for a map of Reinland.

Reinland Community Centre

 The Reinland Community Center was originally  built as a church and was used as a church until approximately 1970, after which time it was developed into the community center.

The Community Centre at Reinland started in approximately 1970 as a local group wanting to preserve the original church building of the first Mennonite Church west of Ontario. In 1977 the building was officially incorporated as a not for profit corporation. 

The hall is used for many community meetings of various nature such as Ladies Fellowship, family gatherings, annual meetings of organizations, etc. One day a week piano instruction takes place for the area young people. Numerous Historical Tours are hosted at the centre and very often a traditional meal will be served which then also serves as part of fund raising.

Run by volunteers, the hall charges small rental fees to cover the maintenance & operating costs.