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Consistent with the approach taken in other communities (listed below) with similar population density and land usage, the RM of Stanley sewer project will be a low-pressure sewer.

This is a type of sewer where the effluent (liquids) are pumped from your septic tank directly into a wastewater pipeline, eliminating the need for a septic field. A low pressure sewer requires septic tank and pump to be maintained by property owner.  (Click Image to the Right for Larger View)


Why a Low Pressure Sewer System is right for the RM

• Low-pressure sewer systems are common in municipalities where there is less housing density and properties are larger than in most cities and towns, water tables are high and where sewer is being installed within existing developed communities.

• Low pressure systems are the most affordable for property owners when servicing a lower-density area. Low pressure sewer systems are typically one-third the cost of a gravity system.

• Low pressure system pipes can be installed using a tunneling method that requires minimal excavation and is less disruptive to roads, utilities, trees and landscaping than gravity sewer systems typically found in urban areas.



Other Communities

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