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Haskett’s origins are after the time of the establishment of the Mennonite villages in the 1870’s. Haskett was started in 1907 by an American entrepreneur called Mr. Haskett.

The Great Northern Railway of the USA was cutting through from Walhalla, North Dakota to Morden, and a Customs Office and Railway Depot was planned for the Canadian side. Mr. Haskett saw a financial opportunity, buying the property from Mr. Bernhard Krahn.
While no longer in service, Haskett had a School, Post Office, General Stores, Grain Elevators, Lumberyards, Farm Machinery Sales and other farm related enterprises.

The closing of the Railway in 1936 started a gradual decline of the business sector, and by 1971 the school closed after all the other original business had closed. Today, about a dozen homes are "downtown” and many farms are in the area.

Haskett is home to the Haskett Park which is open throughout the summer months for picnics and outdoor events.   Click here for more information on Haskett Park.

Click here for a map of Haskett.