MSTW Planning District

MSTW Planning District was formed in the late 1970’s.
It is comprised of four municipalities: The Town of Morden, The R.M. of Stanley, The R.M. of Thompson, and The City of Winkler. 

Each municipality appoints two (2) of their elected officials to the MSTW Planning District Board.
The Board is responsible for a Development Plan, which is used as a guide to provide direction for future land use and development in the Planning District, in the best interests of the residents of the Planning District.

One of the purposes of the Planning District is to enforce and promote the Development Plan.

Development Plan

Development Plan Maps

The MSTW Planning District is also responsible for enforcing local zoning by-laws of member municipalities. 
Additionally, the office is responsible for enforcing the National Building Code and National Plumbing Code of Canada.

Building and plumbing permit applications are reviewed for compliance to zoning by-laws and building/plumbing codes.
The Building Inspection department strives to promote good building practices to ensure safe buildings.

You can reach the MSTW Planning District office at:
180 5th Street, Unit D, Morden, Manitoba, R6M 1C9, or click here to visit their website.
Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Phone number: 204-822-6223. Fax: 204-822-6508. Email: