FAQs Stanley Wastewater Project

Last Updated June 25, 2021

These FAQs deal with the regional wastewater project. For FAQs on plans for existing communities, please go to the page on the possible Reinfeld-Schanzenfeld extension.

Additional FAQ's will be added throughout the project.

Stanley is an attractive location for new residential and commercial developments. This growth strengthens our municipal tax base – and in turn, makes it possible for local services to keep improving and operating more efficiently. Our region needs additional wastewater solutions so new residential and commercial developments can continue to locate and grow here, particularly in light of increasing provincial restrictions on septic fields.

From a financial perspective, this is the ideal time to respond to this need and opportunity. The RM of Stanley is receiving a $17.3 million grant from the federal/provincial Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, which will cover up to 73% of our project costs. Partnering with Winkler, we can share the remaining costs while taking advantage of historically low interest rates. For all of these reasons, it’s a very good time to invest in infrastructure.

The City of Winkler and RM of Stanley have received confirmation of federal/provincial infrastructure funding, and are now moving forward with our agreement to expand the Winkler Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. The partnership will include the purchase of capacity for Stanley’s wastewater treatment needs, as well more capacity for solid sewage. Stanley is also preparing to install the main conveyance systems to move wastewater to the new facility. 

In addition, the Municipality is planning further consultation with Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld residents about the possibility of installing wastewater conveyance systems through the existing communities.

Further consultation will take place before Council makes any decision on a possible extension through the existing communities. Please see the Reinfeld/Schanzenfeld page for more information.