Sewer Process Timeline

Last updated December 17, 2019

2009 – 2018

Study, Planning and Feasibility Assessment

The RM conducted extensive study with experts to assess affordable, long-term solutions. Specific work included a Concept Plan for Schanzenfeld and Reinfeld (2009, completed by Genivar) and a Wastewater Feasibility Study (2011, completed by AECOM).

2015 - 2018

Engineering and Design

The design and engineering of a wastewater system to serve Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld; used to arrive at costs and apply for funding.


Wastewater Capacity Agreement Signed

The RM of Stanley entered into an agreement with the City of Winkler to be able to use the new Winker Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, an initial consideration before applying for federal and provincial funding.

May 2019

Grant Application Submission

Application made to The Government of Canada and Province of Manitoba’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Fund, anticipated to provide 73% of project funding.


Grant application approval and community consultation period (We are here.)

The RM of Stanley is awaiting a response from both the federal and provincial governments regarding the grant application submission. Without the funding in place, the project will not move forward.

The initial community survey conducted in September 2019 was the first step in a consultation process that will help the Municipality understand the needs of residents as we work towards what an actual sewer proposal could look like.

A summary of survey results and how the RM is addressing feedback received was mailed to homeowners and posted online in December 2019 (CLICK HERE).  

Here's what you can expect next:

We will continue to wait for a response from federal and provincial government regarding grant funding:  It is important to note that we do not know when or if grant approval will come. 
    • If grant funding is not approved: The project will not move forward, and we will advise the communities of such.
    • If grant funding is approved: The Municipality will create a sewer proposal that reflects how we plan to address concerns raised and take additional steps including community open houses and subsequent updates to consult with homeowners.
Should our grant funding application be approved, the RM will work with residents in Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld to refine options for sewer connection, timing and cost to ensure the proposed sewers system options reflect your needs.