Sewer Process Timeline

Wastewater Process Timeline
Last updated October 6, 2020

The RM conducted extensive study with experts to assess affordable, long-term solutions. Specific work included a Concept Plan for Schanzenfeld and Reinfeld (2009, completed by Genivar) and a Wastewater Feasibility Study (2011, completed by AECOM).

The design and engineering of a wastewater system to serve Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld; used to arrive at costs and apply for funding.

The RM of Stanley entered into an agreement with the City of Winkler for use of the new Winker Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, an initial consideration before applying for federal and provincial funding.

Application was made to the Government of Canada and Province of Manitoba’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Fund, anticipated to provide 73% of project funding.

A community survey conducted in September 2019 was the first step in a consultation process to help the Municipality understand the needs of residents as it prepared to develop an actual sewer proposal. A summary of survey results and how the RM would address the feedback was mailed to homeowners and posted online in December 2019 (CLICK HERE).  

In the following months, municipal officials had extensive discussions with MLAs, provincial government departments, the Manitoba Water Services Board and consulting engineers to determine the type of sewer system that would provide the best value to the community and ideas for addressing resident’s priorities and concerns. A more detailed project proposal was developed, including firmer technical details, cost estimates, timelines and incentive plans.

The Municipality  is now ready to present the more detailed project proposal to residents for further feedback. The community’s response to this proposal will help Council determine whether the project will proceed.

Here’s what you can expect next:

o   Mailed information package: At the end of October, all households in Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld will receive an information package outlining how the proposed system would work, how much it would cost, options for financing and timelines for connecting.

o   Feedback form: The package will include a feedback form that property owners can use to share their views on the proposal.

o   Small information meetings (optional): Residents will also have the opportunity to attend small information meetings where they can meet in person with RM representatives and others involved with this proposal. Due to current group size restrictions, pre-registration will be required for these meetings. More details will be provided soon.

Please note: At this time, we continue to await a response from the federal and provincial governments regarding grant funding. If our grant application is not approved, the project will not move forward and we will advise the residents of Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld.