Projected costs


Government grants stand to cover 73% of the project cost for new construction.

The cost to install the sewer mains, lift stations and force mains for Schanzenfeld and Reinfeld is estimated to be $14 million. The cost of this part of the project would be offset by approximately $10.2 million in anticipated grants from the federal and provincial governments, leaving the RM’s share at around $3.78 million.

The contribution into Winkler Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is estimated to be $10.4 million, offset by anticipated government grants of $7.6 million, leaving the RM’s share of approximately $2.8 million for new construction. An additional $652k would be provided to Winkler representing a contribution towards their existing infrastructure leaving the RM’s total cost of purchasing capacity at approximately $3.4 million.

Total cost to the RM of Stanley – around $7.18 million of an estimated $24.4 million project cost.

If the funding application is approved this year, the RM will be able to continue detailed planning for the sewer project. At that time, another project update will be provided to property owners, with a detailed breakdown of the project, timelines, work required and associated costs.