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Information for New Property Owners

Posted: May 10, 2010

Information for New Property Owners in the RM of Stanley

RM of Stanley, #1 – 23111 PTH 14, Box 1600, Winkler, MB, R6W 4B5

Email:; Ph: 204-325-4101; Fax: 204-325-4008; Website:

Address Changes

Please contact the Municipal Office immediately to provide your current mailing address. This will ensure that you will receive important correspondence in a timely manner. Address changes may be sent via the website at


Contact Canada Post directly for information. Winkler: 204-325-7310, Morden 204-822-4694


Contact the Municipal Office to arrange for water hookup in advance of the date water service will be required. A water permit application with the applicable fee will be required.

Water bills are sent out quarterly for months ending in March, June, September & December. A water reading notice will be mailed to the address of the property owner and is to be received by the Municipality prior to the due date indicated on the reading notice. Water meter readings may be sent to the Municipality via:

  • Website:; Email:; Fax: 204-325-4008; Phone: 204-325-4101


    Following any warranty period with the developer, the road will become the responsibility of the Municipality and included in the Municipality’s road maintenance program (graveling, grading, snow clearing).

    Property Maintenance

    The Municipality has adopted a lot maintenance policy which requires lot owners to maintain their properties before, during and after construction of a new home. This policy requires lots to be kept free of tall grass, weeds, garbage and other debris which could be considered unsightly. Should a lot owner fail to meet these guidelines, the Municipality may perform such works and charge the lot owner for the cost.


    Give consideration to the location of your curb stop (water line shutoff valve) to ensure it is easily accessible. Culverts must be installed in each driveway and are available from the developer or from the Municipality. The culvert installation is important to ensure your lot will drain as designed in the engineer’s plans.

    Drainage Ditches

    It is important to ensure the drainage ditch fronting your property is well maintained to ensure proper drainage for your property and neighboring properties. The Municipality asks that you mow and maintain your ditch regularly to ensure proper drainage and aesthetics of the community.

    Septic Field

    Permits for septic fields must be applied for through Manitoba Conservation. Communication can be directed to Tyler Kneeshaw at 204-239-3204 or


    Dogs/animals are to be kept on the owners property at all times. Please be a good neighbor by ensuring your dog/animal is not causing a nuisance for neighbors.

    Garbage Pickup

    Garbage pickup must be arranged through a private contractor. Fees apply.

    Visit the Municipality’s website at for information or feel free to contact the Municipal Administration office for questions or concerns.